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The benefits to Israel

  1. The main reason - in order to participate in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reduce or delay the damage of global warming. It must be remembered that the State of Israel, like the entire Middle East, is warming at a rate twice as fast as the world average! We therefore have a clear interest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  2. The economic reason - the whole world is advancing rapidly in the direction of renewable energies and a tax on carbon emissions, and Israel certainly does not want to be left behind. Investment in renewable energies is expected to be a significant engine of growth in the coming decades within the Israeli economy, as well as enabling many economic opportunities for Israeli companies as demand for new services and technologies in this field increases in many countries around the world. The EU and other leading countries are threatening economic sanctions on countries that do not join the global effort to deal with the climate crisis (e.g. tariffs, carbon taxes, or a ban on signing new trade agreements). The world's leading financial institutions are also tightening their forecasts year after year regarding the effects of the climate crisis and continued investment in fossil fuels on the global economy, and recommend stopping investing in non-renewable energy infrastructure.

    Israel's choice to invest in a future free of greenhouse gas emissions could be a significant part of the solution to the economic crisis expected from the Corona crisis.

  3. The health reason - the cessation of the use of fossil fuels in power plants in industry and transportation will lead to a decrease in air pollution and a decrease in the serious morbidity it causes. Maintaining green lungs in Israel contributes to a healthy lifestyle and has been proven to reduce disease.

  4. The social reason - promotion of environmental goals, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by creating jobs in the renewable energy market, decentralization of electricity production, rehabilitation and preservation of natural sites, community-oriented urban planning, investment in public transportation, protection of beaches - all these and more will strengthen the periphery Geographically and socially, and for a better quality of life for all residents of the country.

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